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When Michelle Bruce and Patrick Pullosky met it was love at first sight. They were married after a whirlwind courtship, and within two months, they found out that a baby was on the way.


This was not a part of their plans, not in the short- or even medium-term, and the marriage was in turmoil. Patrick accepted their reality, but not Michelle. She had university on her mind. Patrick’s wish that the birth of the baby would be the cement that repaired all the cracks that surfaced was just a piper’s dream. Michelle walked away from the relationship for university overseas when baby Christina was only eighteen months old and only resurfaced when Christina was eighteen years old and preparing for university. Accepting and forgiving Michelle was a long journey for Christina. After university, Christina met and fell in love with an army officer, Anthony Crimarco. They marry, and déjà vu, she was pregnant within two months. But Anthony died in a motor vehicle accident soon after. Christina was devastated and vowed that her only interest would be in raising her son. But was she too hurt to resist the advances of the charming Dr. Sean Barnaby? Only time will tell. And what of her mother and father, will they ever get back together?